adjust live at 3rd street saloon with miss lena in background, or it's a couple of electronic ghosts, you decide.

ADJUST, once known to have delayed the historic 'the key to time' project for over nine months due to artwork incompetence, and several vinyl releases even longer. the ep 'your bad luck' (014) is named after middle school tribulations of jumping off a fence and landing on your head. its a true story, really. a member of the equinauts, also known as THEEQ (pron: the-eq, sort of). coincidentally and previously, a member and producer of tracks on the electro record label VMAX in detroit as well. over 10 years of djing and previous appearances on the lollapalooza and URB magazine tours, rumor has it the LOW RES label was started with funds garnered from spinning house music opening a gig for little louie vega and tony humphries.

not a lot has changed. ADJUST still has a bunch of house records in the crate (and the ocassional hey-soul DEVO classic) at a dj residency in detroit and he still delays the game. this guy is late for everything, dont invite him anywhere. end of story.


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